We gave Frontier Airlines a 2nd chance and this is what happened…. (2023)


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Well, we are trying our luck at frontier airlines.

Again, you are so dumb.

You are really dumb for real.

We just got off the shuttle so wish us luck.

If you hadn't seen our frontier airlines video check that out and then this will all make sense why we were so hesitant to try to fly with them again.

Also, look at the clear line you guys it was so many people versus our tsa pre-check line.

So if you haven't seen our tsa pre-check video make sure you check that out as well, so we made it to our gate, no delays so far, everything's on time, we'll see if it stays that way stay tuned.

When it came time for our boarding time, nobody was getting on the plane.

We were just all standing around.

So of course richard and I were both like okay- are we going to be able to even get on this plane? Is it going to be delayed again? What's up? Well, we figured it out.

Everyone was doing zone two through five, which is where you have the free personal item zone.

One was the line that you had to pay for your luggage, so everyone that was smart and cheap like us chose to do the free personal item and that's what took so long once we got onto the plane, we were greeted by the airline staff.

They were all very nice and friendly and we got to our seats now.

If you didn't know your girl here, ronya is a budget extraordinaire, I'm super frugal.

So when I saw that frontier airlines will make you pay just to choose your seats, I was like nope not having it.

So if you were wondering why richard and I are not sitting next to each other, that would be the reason.

Luckily, we were able to be on the same row, but we just allowed the airline to pick our seats for us for free, also, don't forget to get your sanitization going and wipe down those seats before you sit down, hey guys, I'm sitting in my feet.

We are sitting in separate seats.

Uh richard is somewhere over there.

So yeah we're just gonna, go ahead and fly for free for our free trip and see how this goes.

Remember if you haven't seen our frontier airlines first video check that out then it'll explain why this trip was a completely free trip so yeah.

Basically, we got the trip for free now mind y'all.

I was just sitting in my seat minding my business and I was like.

I know that is not duct tape covering up mary had a little lamb, that's suspicious.

That's weird! Once outside the aircraft put on sharply on the red tap on the front or blow into the red tube near your shoulder to inflate the best child anyway, it was time for us to take off so we went ahead and let the plane do what they do said our prayers and was just hopeful.

But you best believe I was watching that duct tape, because the first sight of any straggly pieces of duct tape flying in the air you could best believe I was about to go right up to the front and be like hey mr pilot.

We got a problem houston.

We have a problem.

Let's land this plane right now and of course, while all the drama is going on rich, is just gone to the world just in his own little world, just sleep peacefully like a baby, so I had to take it upon myself to be the superhero and save everybody's life on this plane.

I need an award, but I mean we did make it.

So I mean everybody was in one piece: we, you know avoided any type of injuries.

That landed was a little rough though I know you saw it was real rocky.

It was real rocky okay, we just landed.

We actually landed about 15 minutes early, so slightly impressed slightly impressed, but um.

We still have to see how it goes on our returning flight back home, hey guys, it's the next day.

We are at our gate and right now, as of right now it says that our flight is on time.

So we will see how our returning fight back home goes.

I think it's gross now, even though our flight said it was on time.

We did get the boarding call announcement about 10 minutes late, so we were a little hesitant about that.

We were like.

Oh no, are we gonna have some more flight delays what's going on? Should we be worried uh, but you know we got on the plane.

Everything seemed to be fine until it wasn't.

You know that changes thanks for your patience, so we are possibly going to ride late now.

Don't know the pilot just made an announcement, so I will say at least he gave us some type of communication, something about the airport in orlando, the I guess there was a flight that was delayed there or something I don't know richard and I were sitting in different rows on this flight.

But something told me to get my camera out, because I know my person and when you're with somebody for so long, you just know they have it as soon as they make the announcements look.

My husband was like thinking the same thing.

He was like.

What is they talking about? Are we having another delay? So we sat there at the gate in our seats for a solid 20 minutes and we were prepared for the worst.

We were like.

Oh my gosh.

This is our first frontier airlines flight all over again, we just knew we were going to be there for hours at a time just sitting on the plane.

I don't know if we're going to be sitting on the plane much longer, but this is starting to become a trend that we're noticing, with frontier and today we're gonna we're gonna we're trying to give y'all some grace period here.

But we have these type of issues with no other airlines like the area right now and the ramp has reclosed, we got everything boarded up.

We got our fuel and ready to go we're just waiting for the ramp to open so that they can push us back and uh should be just another 10 minutes or so, and we'll be able to be on our way.

It's a short flight time today, so we should still be able to get in pretty close to on time.

So anyway, thanks for your patience and I'll, let you know if any of that changes now, even though this message was a little suspect to me because of our past experience, I will commend frontier airlines for at least communicating with us, what's going on this time around, to keep ourselves occupied rich, and I shared little memes and funny videos and pictures of each other in our thoughts, so here's some of those that we shared with each other while sitting on the plane.

Well, after several more minutes, we finally made it back into the air and look no duct tape this time around on the wing, because you know I was on heavy alert about having that duct tape on the wing that was stressing me out and we landed successfully.

Thank the lord this time around the land was actually pretty good, no humps and bumps, and no humpty dumps, while getting off the plane.

One of the flight attendants recognized me from the flight from the previous day.

I thought it was so funny yesterday and there he is waiting on me.

Well guys we just got off the plane.

We actually got in a little earlier.

So what's your final take on frontier babe, it's not bad.

You know take a chance.

You take your chances but uh more likely than not.

You will have an okay flight unless there's really bad weather or you're flying really really late.

Um, the staffing issues have pretty much.

You know been fixed as right now seems like they have people in place most of the time, so I say, go for it yeah but be prepared to have some delays.

Yes, it does so I can say I guess they won us over.

Would you fly on them again I'll? Do it again all right? You know it's away.

That's a review of frontier airlines, guys thanks so much for watching and until next time.


What was the Judgement on Frontier Airlines? ›

The firing led Brigham to sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The district court granted summary judgment to Frontier, finding that the airline's “duty to accommodate” didn't require the employer to “take steps inconsistent with” a collective bargaining agreement.

What happened with Frontier Airlines? ›

Frontier Airlines files for bankruptcy, plans to keep flying.

Does Frontier reimburse for cancelled flights? ›

We will provide a refund for a cancelled flight if you do not travel on the protection options we offer. This refund will be for your fare, as well as any optional services paid for the flights you do not take, including seat assignments and baggage.

Will Frontier rebook on another airline? ›

Unfortunately, Frontier is one of four of the 10 largest airlines that hasn't agreed to rebook passengers on a partner airline or another airline with which it has an agreement, at no additional cost.


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